Want to learn how to stop

your past from deciding

your future ?


Changing your perspective is only the first step.

Are you ready to

own your sh*t?

You will know when you are ready to own your sh*t.


It's when you're completely exhausted with the same outcomes in your relationships with people or the same feeling of not being happy with the way you address your short comings.


It's when you are used to the outcomes but just don't know what else to try to correct them. Let's be honest with yourself... You know yourself well enough to acknowledge that your past is showing up in your present. Only to realize that you are in a center of everything not working out but eager to put in the work without knowing where to start. 

If that sounds like you....I believe you are ready to OWN YOUR SH*T!

If you don't see the importance on how your past made you who you are, then you truly have no idea on who you are set to become. Often times, life moves so fast that we begin to feel guilty because of the baggage you are carrying is impacting all areas of your life. It's common to try to analyze that extra weight but when you don't know how to address it...That's when it's easy to  snap out of it and move on to the next task.

What happens when the same situation happens again? You never took the time out to figure out how to respond or address what occurred, what makes you feel you are better prepared to tackle it a second time?

Taking the time out to learn and understand what occurred is the best, healthiest and the RIGHT thing to do. 

Why is self development important for your journey?




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Being ready to Own Your Sh*t!

Learning how to heal from your past so it doesn't impact your future is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you can ever do.


Knowing how to center yourself in the midst of chaos is a tool that can be learned. Being able to control how others affect how you move and that sh*t is awesome!


I want you to experience what it feels like to breathe, process and not carry the weight of your past around on your back everyday.

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