Hello! I'm Your Favorite Life Coach Nikki

I'm a certified life coach that will help you shift your perspective, so your past isn't keeping you trapped in your present. 

Let me help you address your sh*t! I am here to challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before. You will gain clarity, a new sense of renewal and improved self-awareness. You will walk away with better tools to properly self-reflect and develop into a better version of YOU! 

Help me help you, own your sh*t, sit in your sh*t and grow from your sh*t!


The Beginning...

My mother, uncle Rodney and grandparents raised me into the woman I am today. Because of them I knew what love was and how it should feel. That being said, deep down, I knew something was missing but was unable to put my finger on it...

Growing up, my father didn't live with me  and was in and out of my life. It wasn't until I witnessed the relationship between my childhood best friend and her father that I realized, the love I had with my grandfather and uncle was different. I was able to accept that my father was the missing piece of the puzzle. Better yet, I was missing piece of myself. 

My Poppy (grandfather) and Uncle Rodney were the best father figures a girl could ever ask for.  Their love was in a category  entirely its own space; just like the love from a father. I had many fractured relationships which lead to continued disappointments, broken promises and even to the extent of violated boundaries. 

I finally recognized this bullsh*t pattern is what forced me on my very first self-development journey...

"Quiet Storm" was the best way to describe my personality. 

Before I learned to own and address my sh*t, my mindset caused more harm than healing. My household taught me how to be strong and what it takes to be loyal , but never taught me how to deal or address my weaknesses. I was taught to internalize any issues and continue with my day thinking it would all work itself out on it's own.

In my younger days, I would cry secretly and sometimes give up behind closed doors. My silence with my pain, anger and weaknesses caused me to isolate myself. In my mind... I didn't think anyone could handle my emotional weight or baggage. As a result, I had panic attacks, a bad attitude with very strong facial expressions aka resting B*tch face and a hot temper.

I didn't have the tools to deal with my emotional sh*t so I decided to sit in it and assume it would go away on it's own. All it did was consume all avenues of my life. 

Let me tell you....ISOLATION is  a death trap! We ain't got time for that.

My Challenges...

My First


I wanted and deserved happiness, love and understanding.  Most importantly, I wanted to be myself unapologetically with no filter and unrestricted! Let me repeat ....I wanted to be my fu*king self!!!

I was 15 years old when I started my first journey of self-development and forgiveness. I began to silence myself and observe those around me. The more I did that was when I realized I needed to make a change. The ones I felt mistreated me and violated my boundaries were out there living their lives without a care in the world while I suffered in silence. That sh*t made me mad!

Forgiveness removes the power your offender has over you!


Why?! Because forgiveness is for you and NEVER for them. I started forgiving those that hurt me and that is when I started to see this: The value in loving myself first, the importance of redefining my strengths and reclaiming my LIFE!

Little did I know the journey I began, wasn't so common amongst others. 

I started by removing the invisible tape I placed over my mouth. I was now owing my sh*t and growing from it. The more I spoke and shared my truth, the freer I felt. For years, I would remain silent telling myself that this was the best way to protect myself while protecting the secrets of others that caused me pain. Only to realize this was complete bullsh*t!

Don't get me wrong, I did PROTECT myself. But owning my voice, was the one thing that I needed to begin in order to gain peace, happiness and understanding. I started using my voice unapologetically to help heal myself not noticing I was helping those around me. I was able to foster a stronger relationship with those seeking the same. 

One of the best parts of this journey... was being able to restore my relationship with my father and now being able to call him DAD.  My puzzle piece was no longer missing.

My growth became visible and STRONG! I was loving every minute of it.




The Message...


I remember the day when I came home and my Poppy looked at me and said " You are the rose that grew from the crack in the concrete". At first, I didn't understand what he was trying to tell me until he later mentioned, "You are turning into a beautiful flower". These quotes stay with me to this day, especially when I need a reminder to step back and appreciate my journey. 

The message behind the quote explains the beauty and perseverance  of the rose. Often times, people don't notice the rose as it's growing only when it blooms to acknowledge it. The rose to me, was also a reminder that it's not only beautiful to watch, but that it must be respected and handled with care because the thorns will always be there to protect.   

I began sharing my journey and knowledge with anyone willing to hear and often received responses thanking me for dropping gems as they began their self-development journey. 

I became a self-love life coach to help guide people that are ready to own their sh*t and change their narrative. Being able to help and support people in ways that I wished I had, when I was going through it alone is what planted the seed. 

Now ask yourself...Are you ready to STOP allowing your past to dictate your future? Do you want to drop the extra emotional baggage your carrying? Are you ready to RECLAIM your life? 

It's time for you to be unapologetically yourself. Stop wasting time and go click the book page to get started (I'm serious tho)!

Why am I a

Self Love Life Coach...

 Now the question remains....

Are you ready ?