Self Love = Self Care

It's very common to get caught up in life. And the most common thing is to push through any blockages that come in your path. But at what expense is it time to stop...take a deep breath...and just sit in what's going on or address take care of yourself.

I can admit there are times when I constantly keep pushing through but I remember what it feels like to be "burnt out" or just a full shutdown. Once that pops back into my head it realigns me personally to pay attention to small signs and signals.

If I realize that I'm constantly tired, not getting enough sleep etc. I know that I need to block off sometime during the weekend to just do "nothing". I focus on resting, not doing anything that's draining or surrounding myself with negative energy. I like to call it "protecting my peace". When I use this on a weekly bases it keeps be balanced, rested and best prepared to be alert for anything coming my way.

Self love is taking care of yourself which is Self Care. I used to feel guilty when I would take time for myself but then I realized how much I help others and used to overextend myself. Then reality settles in that if I don't take care of myself, who will?

If you feel like your burning yourself out or just constantly drained...It's time for your to unplug and charge yourself back to 100%.

Here are some ways you can incorporate self love and self care:

- Mediation

- Facials (even at home masks)

- Baths (can use a bath bomb and light some candles; make it ROMANTICAL lol)

- Working out

- Reading a book to open your mind or learn something new

- Going out with friends (drama free)

- Spa treatment

- And Plain Old SLEEP

What are something you do for self care?

Until next time.......Take care of yourself!

- Life Coach Nikki


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