Why Cancer...Why? - Part 1

I wanted to have a transparent blog post to not only connect with anyone thats reading but most importantly share my experiences.

I want to talk about the feeling of being numb. Yes, numb. Getting to a point of being so emotionally drained that nothing hurts, nothing makes you happy... just going through the day by day motions.

A few years ago my family was delivered news that was totally unexpected. My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer about 3 years prior but it was in remission, Thank goodness! But the news confirmed that my grandfather whom we called "Poppy" had stage 4 colon cancer. The man that carried the weight of the family, gave me soo much wisdom and was so strong physically was about to fight for his life but didn't know where to start.

While my grandparents were fighting for their lives to beat cancer. I made sure to focus on making them as comfortable as I could while emotionally supporting anyone that needed it